Graduate Advising FAQs

Have questions about enrolling in a graduate program at The Bill Munday School of Business? Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If you need more information, contact Dr. Amr Swid.

Q: I was waived out of some of my foundation courses. Why did this occur?

You may have been waived out of some of the foundation courses required by your degree plan by having completed certain equivalent undergraduate coursework prior to beginning your St. Edward's graduate program. If you have questions, please contact your graduate advisor.

Q: How do I know what course(s) to take this semester?

You may review your degree audit in Degree Works, accessible in myHilltop

  1. Click on Academic Information.
  2. Click on Access Degree Works.

Your degree audit is the electronic version of your degree plan. The courses you have already taken and are currently taking, plus the courses you have remaining are listed in your degree audit. If you have questions about the order in which to take your courses or prerequisites, please review your Plan in Degree Works.

Q: My degree audit is incorrect. How do I fix it?

If your degree audit is incorrect, please contact your graduate advisor to update it.

Q: What is Canvas?

Canvas is an online, cloud-based, classroom management system adopted by SEU in Fall 2015. It is designed for digital learning so students can spend less time looking for stuff and more time learning. Canvas is more closely aligned with current websites and social media — it offers better integration of multimedia with built-in audio and video, offers more potential to expand the classroom, and has a user-friendly app. Canvas may be accessed in myHilltop.

Q: What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an educational technology system that compares student papers and other submissions to its vast database to identify materials that have been copied from other sources. This enables faculty to evaluate indications of academic dishonesty. The database includes more than 150 million student papers, 90,000 journal articles, and billions of web pages. Students should use Turnitin's functionality for draft versions of their assignments to assure they have cited other authors' work and also for basic errors such as grammar and sentence structure. Be certain to obtain a digital receipt for all final versions of work submitted via Turnitin.

Q: How do I find my textbooks? Can I purchase them online?

You may access the bookstore online and either purchase books through the website or go to the bookstore on the main campus.

Q: What do I need to do to drop a course? Will I get a refund?

Students wishing to terminate any course at the university during a term must withdraw from courses during the posted schedule adjustment period set by the Office of the Registrar. During this period, the refund schedule set forth by the Office of Student Financial Services adheres. Students who receive financial assistance and withdraw should refer to the "Consequences of Withdrawal" in the Financial Aid section of the Graduate Bulletin, since withdrawing may have a significant impact on a student's eligibility for financial assistance, plus the educational expenses owed to the university. If you withdraw during a semester in which you receive federal financial assistance, the timing of when you withdraw may affect whether you are required to repay some or all of that financial aid.

Students assume financial and academic responsibility for each registered course. Withdrawing does not absolve a student's financial responsibility for his/her educational expenses. Discontinuing attendance or notifying an instructor of a status change does not constitute a drop or withdrawal. The student is responsible for initiating and completing the drop or withdrawal procedure using myHilltop. If the student fails to complete the process, they will receive the grade(s) assigned by the instructor of record and be billed accordingly.

Q: I would like to take a term off and return next term. What do I do?

Currently, enrolled students are allowed to “step out” three consecutive terms before being required to reapply to their admitted graduate program. Students must formally notify the university if you would like to take off a semester or term by submitting a Withdraw From University form. A withdraw from university form can be submitted for temporary or permanent withdrawal. In addition, it can be helpful to notify your advisor of your plans. Contact the graduate advisor for the business school when you are ready to re-enroll in order to have your academic record reactivated (eligibility requirements apply).

Q: Can I transfer credits from another university?

New Students:

Up to 12 hours of graduate-level work from a regionally accredited university may be transferred into your degree plan with pre-approval from the business school dean for the MBA. Up to 9 hours of graduate-level work from a regionally accredited university may be transferred into your degree plan with pre-approval from the business school dean for the MSLC. Courses must carry a grade of B or higher and credits cannot have been earned towards the completion of another degree. To be considered for transfer, credits must be submitted at the time of application, and students must request transfer credits prior to the creation of the student’s degree plan. Additionally, courses must have been taken within the six-year time limit for completion of your degree. The business school graduate advisor will require a description of the course(s) and will submit the paperwork to the dean for approval.

Note: The director of the MSAA program may accept a maximum of nine semester hours earned at the graduate school of another regionally accredited university. Accounting coursework completed more than three years prior to the first semester of enrollment in the MSAA program will not be counted toward the MSAA degree at St. Edward’s University, whether transferred or taken in residence.

Current Students:

Graduate degree-seeking students who wish to enroll in graduate coursework at another regionally accredited college or university for transfer to St. Edward’s University must obtain pre-approval from the business school dean (certain criteria must be met in order to obtain approval — speak with your business school graduate advisor for more information). After the course has been completed with a grade of B or better and St. Edward’s University has received an official transcript, the credit will be transferred to meet the university’s degree requirements.

Q: How do I reapply to the graduate program or change graduate degree programs?

To reapply to a business school graduate program to which you were previously admitted, you must fill out a new application. We keep your transcripts on file, so you will not need to resubmit them. However, you will be required to complete a new essay explaining your absence and why you wish to return. If you have attended any educational institutions since your last attendance at St. Edward’s University, you will need to submit official transcripts from those institutions. Please contact Graduate Admission for information on applying for readmission.

Students wishing to apply to a new degree program (i.e. admitted to the MBA program but would like to switch to another business school graduate degree) need to submit the Transfer of Graduate Program Form (this form is only used in The Bill Munday School of Business). Your essay should explain why you wish to change degree programs. Please contact the business school graduate advisor for additional information on switching graduate programs.

Q: What do I need to do to change my MBA concentration?

Please notify your business school graduate advisor so they can update your degree audit and discuss your new degree plan, including any potential changes. If you are interested in attempting a different degree program, you must apply to that program.

Q: If I make a C in a class, can I retake the class to “replace” the grade?

Repeating a class does not erase the original grade from your transcript. While a C is considered to be a passing grade, a student who earns one C grade will be placed on academic probation; a student who earns two C grades will be dismissed from their program. If a student earns a grade of D or F in a required course, the course must be repeated. Students pursuing certain certificate programs may be required to earn a B or better in specific classes in order to qualify for certification. Review the Academic Standards, Probation, and Dismissal rules in the Graduate Bulletin for additional information.

Q: Is there a timeframe in which I must finish my degree?

Students must complete all coursework towards their master’s degree plan within six years from the time of enrollment in the program (exclusive of foundation courses and including credit granted by transfer to the graduate program).

Q: I am close to finishing my degree. What do I need to do to graduate?

You'll apply to graduate during the term prior to your graduation date. Log on to your myHilltop account to submit your Application for Graduation. You will receive a confirmation letter from the Office of the Registrar during your final term after you are certified to graduate. Please make sure that your mailing information is correct. See the information about updating your address below if you need to make changes. For further info about graduation, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s graduation page.

Q: I have recently moved. Where do I update my address?

In your myHilltop account, click on Address Change and make the necessary changes. Please remember to update your information when changes occur so that your billing and registration information get to you in a timely manner. Additionally, graduation material will be sent to the address on file for you.

Q: How do I order a transcript or enrollment verification form?

You may order a transcript or enrollment verification form from the Office of the Registrar.